Hundreds of thousands of dogs are surrendered by their owners to shelters and rescue organizations every year across the country.  Often times, it is due to the fact that their prior families did not take the time to properly train and interact with their pet to encourage good behavior.  Out of frustration, the dog ends up being given away.  Sadly, many of these dogs will be euthanized due to a lack of new homes looking for shelter dogs.

It’s not the shelter dog’s fault that his previous family was too busy or lazy to properly train the dog and provide a structured living environment.  Don’t let these dogs pay the price with their lives.  With love, training, and structure, you can help unlock the hidden potential of a shelter dog that someone else tossed aside.  No matter if it’s a mutt or a pure breed, there is a dog needing to be rescued that is waiting for you and a second chance at life.  

There’s no need to be afraid to give a shelter or rescue dog a new lease on life.  After choosing your new pet, enroll in obedience training and speak with a trainer about a specific plan to help get your new friend off to a great start with your family.     


Based out of Allen, TX and servicing law enforcement agencies in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana regions for search and recovery efforts of missing people.  Also holds training sessions for those interested in learning the craft of human remains detection.  Supported by public donations to help those in need!

Many Dobermans in need of a new home and second chance!  Located in Grand Prairie, TX.



Great site for those who want to help sponsor that special needs and/or senior Doberman with much needed medical care!

Texas Tail Waggers

All breed dog & cat rescue in north Texas.

Both dogs and cats are waiting for new families to love them!


Specialize in Designer Dog Breeds

Goldendoodles, Cavachons, Comfort Doodles.  Very friendly and easy to train!!

Located in Corsicana, TX

(903) 874-6560

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