Are you tired of having a disobedient dog? Does your dog embarrass you in public with his antics? Or did you just get a puppy that you don't want to get off to the wrong start? Don't give up hope, you can have the dog you always wanted!!

Dobie Detectives Training Academy offers a balance of positive and negative training methods to help boost your dog's confidence and focus in real life scenarios. Other dog trainers may boast they can train your dog using only positive methods but they are either not telling you the truth about their methods or you will quickly realize that your dog is not as reliable as you were hoping. A dog who has been trained with only positive methods will usually only comply when he wants, namely when the owner has something he wants or there is nothing else that has attracted his attention for the time being.

Teaching your dog behaviors is merely teaching a skill set...this is not OBEDIENCE! True obedience is achieved when a dog will respond quickly on command even if it would rather not, with or without distractions and even off-leash. Stop being manipulated by your dog.  Learn how to teach your dog to behave in a fair and confident manner that will bring you joy and pride to interact with your K9 buddy. Not only will you enjoy your dog more, your dog will lead a much happier life!



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